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Northwest Compounders Achieves PCAB Accreditation

Northwest Compounders is delighted to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in pharmaceutical compounding. As of June 2023, Northwest Compounders is officially accredited by the Accreditation Commission of Health Care (ACHC) for sterile and non-sterile compounding under their PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board) program. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of PCAB accreditation and how it enhances the quality and safety of compounded medications.

Understanding PCAB Accreditation

PCAB accreditation is a rigorous endeavor that evaluates and certifies compounding pharmacies based on strict quality and safety standards. It is a voluntary program designed to ensure that pharmacies meet or exceed industry best practices in compounding. The accreditation process involves a comprehensive, on-site assessment of the pharmacy’s policies, procedures, facilities, and staff qualifications. PCAB accredited pharmacies are assessed initially and regularly to ensure that all PCAB standards are continually met.

Why PCAB Accreditation Matters

Ensuring Quality: PCAB accreditation assures patients, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies that Northwest Compounders adheres to the highest standards of quality in compounding. Our commitment to meeting and maintaining these standards demonstrates our dedication to producing safe and effective medications.

Patient Safety: Compounded medications are tailored to meet individual patient needs. PCAB accreditation ensures that Northwest Compounders follows precise compounding techniques, uses high-quality ingredients, certified equipment and maintains a sanitary work environment, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring product safety for each individual patient need.

Compliance with Regulators: PCAB accreditation aligns Northwest Compounders with industry regulations and guidelines, including those set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By complying with these standards, we ensure that our compounded medications are consistent, reliable, and meet or exceed regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical compounding.

The Benefits of PCAB Accreditation

Enhanced Trust and Confidence: PCAB accreditation is a mark of distinction that instills trust and confidence in our patients and healthcare partners. It demonstrates our commitment to transparency, quality, and safety, giving them peace of mind when choosing Northwest Compounders for their compounding needs.

Improved Patient Outcomes: By adhering to PCAB standards, Northwest Compounders can consistently deliver high-quality compounded medications, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Our commitment to quality control and continuous improvement translates into better therapeutic effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Collaborative Relationships: PCAB accreditation opens doors to collaboration with healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, and clinics. These partnerships allow for better communication, coordination, and customization of medications to suit individual patient needs.

Northwest Compounder’s Commitment to Excellence

Obtaining PCAB accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Furthermore, it reflects the hard work and dedication of our highly skilled pharmacists, technicians, and support staff. As a PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy, we remain committed to delivering the highest standards of product quality, continuous improvement, and personalized solutions for our patients.

Shannon Kimball, PharmD

Compounding Pharmacist

Doctor of Pharmacy, Pacific University 2022

B.S. Biohealth Science, Oregon State University 2019

Team member since 2018

Mark Liu, PharmD

Compounding Pharmacist

Doctor of Pharmacy, Oregon State University 2005

BA Biology, Reed College 1998

12 years of retail experience

Team member since January 2017

Jill Snyder, RPh

Compounding Pharmacist

B.S. Pharm. 1994 Oregon State University

5 years of retail pharmacy experience

17 years of long-term care experience

Certificate in Veterinary Pharmacy, 2016

Team member since May 2016

Scott Williams, RPh

Compounding Pharmacist

B.S. Pharm. 1992 Oregon State University

24 years of experience in Retail Pharmacy

Team member since November 2015

Certificates in CPR, Diabetes Management, Immunization, Cholesterol Management and Medication Therapy Management

Bob Templin, RPh

Director of Training

B.S. Pharm. 1976 Oregon State University

Certificate in Veterinary Pharmacy, 2019

Over 37 years of pharmacy experience

Over 33 years as a Pharmacy Manager

Team member since February 2013

Megan Gustafson, PharmD

Director of Training

Doctor of Pharmacy, Oregon State University 2021

B.S. Bio-Health Sciences, Oregon State University 2017

Team member since 2016

Sam Llona, PharmD

Director of Sterile Operations

Doctor of Pharmacy, Creighton University 2019

B.S. Biology, Santa Clara University

Certificate in Aseptic Compounding, PCCA 2014

Certificate in Human Compounding, PCCA, 2016

Certificate in Veterinary Compounding, PCCA, 2017

Team member since September 2019

Vivian Pham, PharmD

Director of Accounting

Doctor of Pharmacy, Oregon State University 2016

Has worked as a technician, bookkeeper, pharmacy intern and now pharmacist for Northwest Compounders

Team member since May 2008

Jessie Vo, PharmD

Director of Quality Assurance, Assistant Manager

Doctor of Pharmacy, Pacific University 2011

Preceptor for Pacific University SOP, Oregon State SOP

Team member since January 2006

Luke Eilers, PharmD

COO, Pharmacy Manager

Doctor of Pharmacy, Pacific University 2014

B.S. General Science, Oregon State University 2011

Certificate in Veterinary Pharmacy, 2018

Certificate in Basic Compounding, PCCA 2014

Certificate in Aseptic Compounding, PCCA 2014

Preceptor for Pacific University SOP, Oregon State SOP

Team member since October 2005

Tom Eilers, RPh

CEO, Pharmacy Consultant

B.S. Pharm. 1976 Oregon State University

Founder, Northwest Compounders 2005

Member, International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

Member, PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America)

Certificate in Basic Compounding Techniques, PCCA, 2001

Certificate in Aseptic Compounding, PCCA 2005

Preceptor for Pacific University SOP, Oregon State SOP, Washington State SOP

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